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Hi, I’m Crista..

My first website went up on Angelfire in the fall of 1996, an angsty teenage journal hand updated that started my life as a citizen of the internet. Over the next two decades and on too many platforms to list, I discovered a great love of connecting via shared experience. My comfort sharing the raw and messy sides of life continues to grow. Thus, I call myself a Professional Oversharer.

Over these decades I’ve watched internet discourse change, at times rapidly, for the worse. That decline is why I no longer have commenting enabled on my site. What I am doing here is sharing myself, bits of my life, my passions, fears, traumas and healing.

I am not for everyone. 

I am not for everyone and that is fine. If you do not like, approve of, or agree with what I have to say or the way I am saying it – please close this tab and move along. The internet is vast and I am a tiny spec. After twenty freaking years as a mouthy feminist, sex-positive writer and educator, sex blogger, rainbow revolutionary queer online – if you’ve got a nasty comment, threat or what have you? Trust me, I’ve already heard it.

It actually really sad how unaffected I’ve become to strangers insulting and threatening me.

I’m here to take up space as myself. I’m here to spread radical softness. I’m here to share and laugh and rant and heal.

I’m here because I love people. Love our messiness, our flaws, how we’re all making it up as we go along and I want to share this weird existence with whoever wants to read the words that fall off my fingertips.

The official bio is below, but here are my basics, what you can expect to see here. A white cis woman in her thirties, she/her pronouns. My Partner-In -Everything is the wonderful XVO/Val, we’re poly but also sex-positive parents and thus don’t have many spoons for other folx right now. Our home life is delightful and maddening.

As I often say when talking about #OrgasmQuest or chronic illness, I came out of the womb depressed but also came out with my hand on my clit. Major depressive disorder with PTSD sprinkled on top are very present parts of my life, as they always will be. When so many other people also have these medical conditions, I don’t believe these parts of me should be hidden or not spoken about. A large part of healing and dealing is knowing I’m not alone in this.

I’m a feminist, a reproductive justice activist, and a fighter for sexual freedoms. I’ve been an outlaw dildo peddler in Texas under their dildo ban. Was naked on the internet before everyone was naked on the internet. Most of the time my hair is pink with various shades of obnoxious and has been since I was a teen. That has less to do with getting attention (I’m actually an introvert) and more because that’s how I feel comfortable.

The person I’ve grown into is made of Ani DiFranco lyrics, Carol Queen’s essays, Lisa Frank aesthetics and generations of strong & powerful women. I genuinely love who I’ve become – flawed and beautiful like everyone else.

This is said with all sincerity – Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Official Bio:

Crista Anne is a rainbow-colored pleasure revolutionary whose work focuses on starting conversations and busting stigmas surrounding the intersections of sexuality, mental illness and motherhood.

With 15 years of working in different spheres of sexuality, Crista has shared her empowered sexuality online since before the term blog existed. Her #OrgasmQuest, a project documenting her struggles to reclaim orgasmic ability through anorgasmia caused by antidepressant side effects, has garnered worldwide media coverage.

A frequent contributor to the Life on the Swingset, she can be found on many of the Swingset.fm podcasts. Crista works as Co-Chair of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit‘s Accessibility Committee, as well as Blogger Outreach Coordinator. She has an evangelical love of quality sex toys, glitter, coffee, and everything rainbow.

Officalness aside, I’m incredibly approachable for questions, quotes, interviews or just to say hello. Please feel free to reach out to me here or on any of my social media profiles.

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