I love Selfies

Self care is vital.

Folks write off selfies and being vain as worthless pursuits of my generation.

I beg to differ.

I strongly believe that loving yourself, basking in the glory that is you, taking as many selfies as you damn well please are all revolutionary acts. Countless industries exist to constantly make us feel flawed. Not good enough. Fuck that.

I rebel. I’m fucking beautiful and I celebrate my beauty as often as I can. I control my image. I put it out into the world as I see fit. I am beautiful. You are too.

Don’t believe me? Bawdy Love might be for you. I’ve joined the class & I am in love.

Don’t give the sellers of stuff,
power enough,
to rob you of your grace.
Love is all over the place.
There’s nothing wrong with your face
-Ani DiFranco, Present/Infant

OMFG That’s Bright Hair Masterpost

If folks are interested in adding their #selfies to this little area of safe self care, I’d be honored to host them. Click contact me above and we’ll work out how you’re comfortable in sharing your images.

All the love,