#Ethical Misandrist

#Ethical Misandry

Ethical Misandry  – being laughingly dismissive/hostile to the patriarchy & masculine people in the abstract – without hostility towards an individual masculine person until earned. 


Obviously, I wear the feminist label. It’s a vital part of who I am, a feminist raised by generations of feminists before me. My lines go back through countless strong women – widows who raised children on their own – suffragettes battling mental illness – my direct line goes back to my fuckton of Great(s)-Grandmother, Mary Easty, a victim of Salem. My family has strong women everywhere I turn and as I age I realize how vital they are in who I’ve become.

Having been a woman on the internet with opinions she dares express for twenty fucking years now, my brand of feminism has more snark, bite and rage than my mother or her mother. With that snark in mind, I mockingly embraced “Misandrist” as the MRAs began to dominate online discussion. As I find them utterly absurd, I’ve called myself a misandrist with equal absurdity in mind for years now. Hell, my necklace says “misandrist” right now.

When Ethical Misandry entered my world, the label instantly felt like home. The best descriptor I’ve found for where I sit within the feminist landscape. I find your sexist jokes are boring

Ethical Misandry & Male Tears

Let’s clear something up.Male Tears” and my forever drinking and/or bathing in them are not attacks on actual masculine expressions of emotion.

“Male Tears” – It is specifically used in reference to men/masculine folks who belittle and harass us spewing endless sexist comments about how weak we are, SJW “triggered” memes, often tone policing with “hysterical”, but then lose their shit when we show backbone.

Also used in more harsh ways towards the MRAs, folks who believe that *white* men are now “the most oppressed” and live under tyrannical matriachy society where Misandry is an actual social ill. Those are the male tears I bathe in and goddamnit I have earned my disillusionment.

Once again for those in the back:
Misandry irritates
Misogyny kills.

(Plus uh, it’s not real in white american society)

Hold up, let me cover those basic insults for you..

  • I have queer or SJW hair that is brightly colored. Apparently that’s often all you need to know before you hurl insults like spitballs.
  • My glasses are….problem glasses!!! The fucking horror.
  • Mental Illness is in most of my bios so obviously I’m *triggered* all of the time. Seriously person who tosses triggered around like that? I’m glad that you have that luxury and try to believe that if you’d ever experienced a triggered episode that you would never mock it again.
  • I wear too much makeup, something about my appearance screams attention whore *yawwwwnnn* ProTip: Absolutely nothing about my appearance is for your benefit. So, you can insult till your fingers go numb buuuuuuut it really doesn’t bug me. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Apparently I’m a dildowarmer as well – which okay, you know, that’s fair.
  • Slut slut slutty mcslutface. Got it.
  • Broken beyond repair – Sure, okay. I’m good with that though cause broken or not? I’m a badass.

Sure that list will grow over time.

This page exists to hold space for the bullshit dealt with on a daily basis. This is a space I need to be a woman online & survive. It will grow organically, I’m sure.


Does this label ring as true to you as it does to me? Let me know in the comment form below aaaaand if you’d like to both help an Ethical Misandrist out & rock some Ethical Misandrist Gear – you’re in luck as there is a redbubble store!

Ethical Misandrist Gear

If you’re looking for a different color combination just tweet @ EthicalMisandry or let me know below and I’ll get a design up as quickly as possible!



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