Total Revamp

My weekend is now completely devoted to revamping

Loving suggestions on improvements are welcomed but here are the rough plans:
-Dedicated space for ‪#‎OrgasmQuest‬ and ‪#‎selfies‬/SelfCare
-Color scheme based on my hair *duh*
-Obviously completely mobile compatible
-More space for Reading List of blogs, Sections for Projects I collaborate on (Ashley Manta and Katie Mack, can I include Carnal there?)
-Totally reworked bio cause the current one is MEH
-Educational resources with links to books and some of those awesome articles y’all have put out. PLEASE link me (either in comments or im/email) the posts/articles you are proud of and mention if I should simply link or if I am excerpt.
-Possibly a tie into nation builder because seriously? This woman needs to make some money to feed her family.

In the coming weeks, months and year I plan on also putting out an ebook, zine collaborations and other stand alone content. Suggestions on that are VERY welcome.

Thank you in advance my loves!